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Ramblows: new Rambo: The Video Game gameplay trailer is quite something

Rambo: The Video Game

Okay, yes, there’s youtube compression on this image. But even so.

I’m sure most people know better than to get excited for a film license game from a somewhat unknown developer, but just in case you thought Teyon’s Rambo: The Video Game was going to be a surprising invigoration of the FPS genre here’s a new trailer to dissuade you of that notion. Mind you, it still looks pretty … interesting.

Marvel at the incredible quality of the textures as the video takes you through set-pieces from the Rambo trilogy. You’ll be pushing policemen over desks (see above,) shooting a bunch of people in the jungle and then possibly shaking your head in weary sadness as a helicopter clips through the desert sands. Most of this stuff looks ominously on-rails, so in fact you might not be doing any of those things after all. Except perhaps the shooting part.

As far as we know Rambo: The Video Game is still coming to the PC, perhaps as early as January 2014.

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  • Shant

    Doesn’t look that great. Whats up with the way he’s shooting that gun? His body doesn’t move with it. It looks like its jerking around, plus the graphics don’t look that great at all.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Was it me? I played the trailer by pausing it a lot and caught a frame just after Rambo First Blood Part 2 where he shoots the car but the bad guys explode before the car explodes lol.

    I hope Slyvester Stallone is lead QA on this.