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Red or dead: Mars War Logs launches today

Mars: War Logs

Sometimes games appear out of nowhere, and Mars: War Logs is one such title. The new RPG from Spiders (previously known for co-developing Of Orcs and Men) is launching on Steam later today.

Bear with me here, because I’ve pretty much only just learned it exists. You’ll be playing as Roy Temperance, a renegade fellow who’s in trouble with the oppressive government of Mars. Looks like there’ll be some thematic racial tension to go along with that political unrest too, as the regime is doing nasty things to the native Martians.

Combat appears to be sort of Batman: Arkham Thingie, but with various skill trees (Fighter, Renegade, Technomancer) and obviously on more of a budget. Speaking of which, it’ll only be $20.00 USD.

Since there’s been no sign of a review copy, I can’t heartily recommend getting your ass to Mars – but watch the launch and combat trailers below and see what you think.

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  • Doug Pieper

    There are no review copies because the game is nearly unplayable. The combat controls are absolutely horrendous and unresponsive. I am really surprised that this has already been released in its current state.

    • Peter Parrish

      Yikes, well, thanks for the info about that.

  • Anthony Mostacci

    I’ve been reading up on reviews about the game since it’s really intriguing. So far it’s a mix of being a good yet fairly unpolished game. Hopefully they’ll update it soon. +1 for quoting Total Recall circa 1990’s 🙂