Redacted: Splinter Cell: Blacklist having online troubles

Splinter Cell Blacklist error

We haven’t yet put up a review of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, known around these parts as The Latest Adventures of Sam Fisher (But Not Michael Ironside). Part of the reason for this is that, um, I can’t actually get on the multiplayer.

And, judging by an 18-page thread on the Ubisoft forums – as well as a number of spin-off threads – I’m not alone in this. If you’re getting “The Splinter Cell Blacklist service is not available at this time. Please try again later” when trying to do anything online in the game, from Spies vs Mercs and co-op to just redeeming your pre-order codes, I feel your pain.

Right now, there appears to be no great consistency in possible causes. It seems to occur regardless of your ISP, router, or router settings (as it occurs even with ports forwarded correctly, and occasionally will work on one computer in a house, but not on another). It happens whether you have firewalls turned on or off. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running the game through Steam or not, and it doesn’t seem related to motherboards, graphics cards, or… well, anything. It just happens, and nobody seems quite sure why.

There hasn’t been much response on the official forums yet that I can see, barring the standard “We’re looking into it.” So, for the time being, consider yourselves warned – if you’re thinking of grabbing Splinter Cell: Blacklist on PC, there’s at least a chance you’re not going to be able to play multiplayer for awhile.

Remember, everyone: the future of gaming is online, because there are never any problems with that!

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  • powergpu

    lol i have had this problem since day one and when i call ubisoft support i have a friend that works there and they still have no info from ubisoft.this is a joke

  • Anon

    Once again, Ubicrap strikes again. I gave them another chance with my purchase of this game. Never again.

    And they were crying about pirates? What do you expect when you’re charging others full price for broken and incomplete products? It’s not like piracy isn’t rampant on console platforms either. They should take a look at other publishers/developers like Rockstar Games or Valve.

    It’s no wonder Ubisoft has a bad reputation among seasoned gamers, especially on the PC platform. Sad.

  • Jordan Deleon

    I bought it, running Windows 7. Multiplayer was blocked due to Win 7’s bad coding and software. Windows 8 fixes it.

    Solution to the problem is to get Windows 8.

  • Matt

    I have windows 8, game was working pretty well for the most part but as of today I can’t join ANY game sessions, or be joined. Multiplayer has completely stopped working. It creates a room each time and I sit there alone.