Reloaded Productions reveal APB Vendetta. Take note modders.

APB Vendetta

Remember APB? Perhaps you’re still playing it after it was saved following the closure of Realtime Worlds. Reloaded Productions who remodelled the the original APB has announced a new standalone FPS title which they are calling APB Vendetta.

This new game is not an MMO like its cousin, it’s a new FPS that will run on dedicated servers and Reloaded are looking to bring the idea of freedom of movement to the FPS genre with features such as slow motion, melee combat, sliding, wall running and general leaping around, features that are absent from most of today’s FPS titles.

Inspired by games such as The Specialists and Action Half-Life, the team are looking to focus on strong community elements such as mod sharing and allowing the community to run modded servers which makes a refreshing change in this day and age.

“When we began exploring our next project we decided to start from a core vision of a high-agility, highly responsive game system, inspired by the ethos of Ringo Lam and John Woo style ‘Gun-Fu’ and then we added a fighting game character aesthetic,” said Reloaded Games’ CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson. “We also wanted to create a product that addressed requests by players who prefer to simply pay upfront for the full competitive game to get all the content in one go, and then let players treat their game-wide modifications more like Open Source modifications that can be shared freely in the community.”

“We have 50 page threads on the original APB Reloaded forums discussing in detail how to try to mod APB Reloaded,” said Reloaded Productions Managing Director Michael Boniface. “Therefore part of the goal was to actually give players a real product that in fact was built to be modded.” Upon launch, the game features private server support for players looking to create a custom gaming experiences. Using the included modding tools players will be able to manage and share their unique take on the game. Servers will be tracked and ranked by popularity and the system will also provide a method for very popular mods to become their own stand-alone hubs within the game.”

It’s an exciting idea if they can pull it off, a more over-the-top FPS could capture the imagination of FPS fans and Reloaded’s idea of opening the game up with dedicated servers and modding is a real plus point. Many gamers will be familiar with the style of APB Reloaded  and so the development team are creating twelve different characters that also tie into the APB universe and the APB Reloaded storyline.

APB Vendetta will be powered by the latest Unreal engine and will initially be released on the PC with a PS4 port some time in the future. Reloaded has also decided to look for funding through Kickstarter with a goal of $300,000 and numerous stretch goals which have already been revealed. Worth a punt?


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  • sorudo

    they have APB:relaoded which is a TPS, this game’s only flaw is that it has absolutely no PvE.
    now they finally want to make one PvE but now it’s single player based, what’s worse is that it’s FP.

    i have an advice, keep your games on one line instead of ruining it for one part of the player base while keeping the other side happy.
    better yet, scrap this game and make a PvE based APB:relaoded so you don’t need to make a completely new game, i quit APB because of both PvP and PvP grievers.

    they can earn so much money by simply making a huge city based on PvE and all they do is waste money and resources on a game that is more limited then fallout 3, it doesn’t matter how fancy the movements are when i can’t even see my character.
    moddable games are best in TP simply because the most important mods are based on environmental looks, better menu’s and clothing.