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Remember Me reveals some backstory with esoteric art-journal

Remember Me reveals some backstory with esoteric art-journal

Remember Me

Yep, Remember Me is a French game alright. If there was any doubt before, this latest promotional piece confirms it.

So, in 2084 there’s a company called Memorize who own pretty much all memories. How did the world reach this situation, where past experiences can be bought and traded? According to this very curious art-journal promotional presentation, it all began with Antoine Cartier-Wells’ creation of the ‘Sensen engine’; a device or technique (or something) for storing memory.

It’s a somewhat unusual way to present the backstory for your game, but more power to developers Dontnod for doing something weird.

If you want a somewhat more straightforward ‘seriously, what is Remember Me actually like to play?’ trailer, you can view one below. The game will be released on 7 June and at the very least looks and sounds rather fascinating.


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  • sorudo

    this game looks both open and closed at the same time, i really don’t know but somehow when just looking at this video i can imagine a really big open world but with a linear story line that eventually makes you end the game entirely.
    still, it looks good and it has promise, can’t wait to see something more detailed then random parts.