S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 beta key giveaway

skill beta

It’s time for another beta key giveaway here on IncGamers and this time we’ve teamed-up with Gameforge for their upcoming free to play FPS S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 which goes into beta testing today.

This Unreal 3 powered shooter could tick most boxes for FPS gamers as it features multiple game modes, a load of weapons and eSport features such as a clan administration system. Classic mods such as deathmatch and team deathmatch make an appearance and there’s also a mode called ‘Seizure’ where one team has get to secret information in the other team’s camp whilst the other team tries to thwart their mission.

To get your hands on a beta key, click the button below then follow the instructions.

To claim your key please give us a Retweet, join our Steam Group, or follow our Steam Curator list to show your support

  • Register here by clicking on Play now for free and proceed to “Redeem Beta Key”
  • Confirm your account by clicking the link in the email and download client (Click on Download)
  •  Install and enjoy!

Update: If anyone has problems with a key, send a PM to Rushster and he will assist you.




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  • Binkedtride

    My key is invalid. LoL

    • Rushster

      Check your forums PMs, I have sent you another.

      • xScreaMx

        Key is for me invalid also – there isnt even a button to press, there is just the key written…

        Ill send you the wwritten per PM.


        • Rushster

          You have been caught up in our IP checker. I will PM you a key directly now 🙂

  • DeeGrom


  • jackxxx

    This Beta key is invalid help pls

    • Rushster

      Jackxxx. Check your PMs

  • sf2

    i didnt receive anny key for account verification!!!! help me pls

  • sf2

    help me

    • Rushster

      Verification from Gameforge? If that is the case you will have to contact their support. Sadly we can’t assist in that 🙁

  • Ubarhax

    my key is invalid ,too

    • Rushster

      Check your PMs for a key Ubarhax

  • scuddie

    hi the key doesnt work for me im desperate to get on lol

    • Rushster

      Scuddie, sign-in and I can PM you a key.

  • tim

    this key is invalid

  • playmobil

    this key is invalid. :(((((

  • playmobil

    i want a key..pls

  • Arafat

    My key is invalid, help me

  • Rushster

    Guys, please read the note above about “invalid keys” drop me a PM and I can sort you out.

    Playmobil, I have PMed you a key.

  • oxstylerxo

    my key is invalid

  • MotherOfGod

    Really? a Invalid key? i really wanna play the BETA.

    • Rushster

      Hi Motherofgod. Check your PMs I sent you a key.

  • mr.awesome

    My key is invalid HELP

  • DuyNg77

    My key is succes

  • ichiraku

    Key is invalid D: Help

    • Rushster

      ichiraku , check you PMs there is a key there for you.

  • xxmakekingx

    can you pm me key 🙂 didnt work for me 🙂 ty for assist

    • Rushster

      Key is in your PMs xxmakekingx

      • xxmakekingx

        your awesome mate 🙂

  • pontusx

    my key is invalid please send me a key someone 🙁

    • pontusx

      If someone can give me a key post it in here… cuz my inbox is bugged

  • pontusx

    I need a Beta key mine is invaild

    • Rushster

      Key is in your PMs POntusx

  • Tarlo

    My Key is invalid… Can you please send me another?

  • pontusx

    Rushter the Key didnt work can u try with another one?

  • youkillchino

    invalid key

  • youkillchino

    beta key dont work

  • menfizo

    Invalid beta key :/

  • Synergy

    Thank you very much for a working key

  • Rushster

    Ok guys, everyone up to this point should have been PMed a new key. This issue is not that the keys don’t work, it’s that you are coming in in the same IP as another user so you see a key that is already assigned. So I am manually assigning you keys if this happens.

  • jordanknaggs

    invaild key 🙁

  • mikeyboyw

    my key is invalid

  • Rushster

    Keys PMed to Mikeyboyw and Jordankbaggs

  • hellowhi

    Invalid key as well, cant click the button…

    • Rushster

      Hellowhi – Pmed you a key.

  • rotem

    my key is invalid too 🙁
    pls help me

  • mike

    invalid key pls help

  • mike

    works now thanks

  • bryannuyten

    invalid key 🙁

    • Rushster

      bryannuyten, sent you a key!

  • UnBubble

    invalid code :/

    • Rushster

      UnBubble and bryannuyten sent you a PM.

  • IcedSea

    Invalid Key °-°

  • Darius

    Invalid key :s

  • sabbirulz

    can i also get a key pls. that one displayed on the page is not working. ty

  • dangx

    It’s invalid for me. Please send me a key.

  • zdn

    Invalid key here

  • Tobold

    Help my key doesent Work

  • sakerezeh

    wtf? my key is not working .. can some 1 send me a vaild key?

  • Rushster

    OK guys, anyone who has PMed me or posted here as member should have a key in their PM box 🙂

  • sjanten

    Help my key doesent Work

  • nearvs

    Invalid key
    help me please.

  • Paulo Nid Key

    Ayw rin pa send nalang ng mail saken kapage mern nah 😀

  • reyhanrinaldi

    invalid key, please help meee