Saints Row 4

November 12, 2014

Latest Humble Bundle includes Saints Row 4

You probably own Saints Row 4 already, but the latest Humble Bundle is probably worth a look anyway because that’s hardly the only big game in there. Saints Row 4 is the “big” title, but…

August 29, 2014

Saints Row PAX reveal teased by Deep Silver

A single image has been released which points to a new Saints Row reveal. Rumous have been flying this past week about a Volition announcement at PAX, and this morning Deep Silver pushed out a…

December 19, 2013

Jay Mohr teases a return to Saints Row

File this one under “fairly interesting”: actor/comedian/radio host/gamer/BlizzCon host Jay Mohr has Tweeted that he’s doing some voice work for an upcoming Saints Row project, and he’s posted up a picture of the recording booth…

October 10, 2013

Enter the Dominatrix whipped into shape for 23 October

Saints Row 4‘s long-awaited Enter the Dominatrix DLC – which was originally scheduled for Saints Row: The Third – has been dated for 23 October. Enter the Dominatrix offers an alternate take on the game’s…

August 20, 2013

Saints Row 4 Review

Saints Row has changed. The first game was a vaguely silly Grand Theft Auto rip-off that had some neat twists, but was slathered in problems and flaws – most notably, “not being as good as…

July 30, 2013

Saints No: Australia bans Saints Row 4 again

Oh, Australia, country of my birth. I love you, but you are a bit weird about those videogame things. Australia’s Classification Review Board – responsible for deciding what age rating things get – previously deemed…

July 24, 2013

Saints Row IV gold – Season pass available now

Saints Row IV gold – Season pass available now

Deep Silver has announced that Saints Row IV is complete and has gone gold. Now the game is done and dusted, a season pass for future planned DLC is also available for  EUR 9,99 / £ 7.99…

July 18, 2013

Johnny got his gun: Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4

Johnny got his gun: Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4

Here’s some news that is particularly pleasing to my ears: friendly psychopath Johnny Gat will be returning in Saints Row 4. I’m assuming I didn’t really need to type that out, though. I figured the…

June 14, 2013

Saints Row 4 Preview [E3 2013]

I’m starting to wonder, on and off, if maybe Saints Row has finally gone too far. I don’t mean in terms of it being ridiculous. Aliens? Superpowers? Dubstep guns? The Boss as the president of…