Shadowrun Kickstarter concludes at almost $1.9 million

The Kickstarter campaign to develop Shadowrun Returns (a new entry in the Shadowrun series of games, based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name) has concluded with capital of almost $1.9 million USD.
When Kickstarter and PayPal donations are combined, the total raised will be $1,895,772; a fair amount more than the original goal of $400,000 (which was achieved after just over 24 hours).
With the money raised, now the Shadowrun Returns team has to get down to the serious business of developing the game. You can follow their progress on the official Shadowrun website, here. The title will be released for PC and Mac.
Enjoy the video below, in which Jordan Weisman and the rest of the team gives you a big thank you*
*Warning: contains scenes of a confused-looking dog.

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