Shadowrun Returns a little later than scheduled, in July

Shadowrun Returns a little later than scheduled, in July

Shadowrun Returns

An update to the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter page confirms that the RPG title will now be released at the end of July. Originally, the plan was to put the title out at the end of June, but an additional month or so is being used for bugfixing and tightening a few last minute things up.

In the post, Hairbrained Schemes notes that “One of the most common pieces of Backer feedback we’ve received over the past year is that we should take the time we need to ship this game … It’s amazing that this update is one of the last before Shadowrun Returns gets into your hands.”

That’ll now be happening on 25 July, when the game will be available through Steam and (as a DRM-free option,) through Hairbrained Schemes’ own site. If you missed the gameplay demonstration video back in March, here it is again. It gives a decent impression of what Shadowrun Returns is all about (running around cyberpunk Seattle.) The game is coming with full editor tools too, so you’ll be able to make your own stuff once you’re done with the included campaign.

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  • nasarius

    Even with the delay, it’s been a remarkably quick turnaround for a reasonably ambitious project. It’s a $2M game that only got funded 13 months ago.

    I’m mostly excited for the promised free-for-backers Berlin DLC, though. My favorite city in cyberpunk form, yes please.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Haha good to see a SNES game return, I really wish they could add an option like real time type of play style they had on the SNES rather than the turn based style they have now, add an option to speed up the movement and add better effects and sounds. Flexibility of classes and shot types is a good feature though.