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Shroud of the Avatar E3 trailer comes with cheesy voiceover

Shroud of the Avatar

Lord British easily raised the funds for his new RPG Shroud of the Avatar and this is how it’s shaping up with a recap of what to expect.

This video comes with some super cheesy voiceover charting the long history of Richard Garriot’s RPG development leading up to this latest project. If Mr British manages to capture the magic that made Ultima such a classic series then Shroud of the Avatar will be worth checking out when it’s done, or before if you pile in some cash now.

Shroud of the Avatar’s  big selling point is the fact that this RPG is truly player driven with multiple ways to play the game, either solo or with friends,  and you can also choose who you play with. That in itself is a big plus point if you’re fed up of the typical MMO model.

More than $4 million has been raised through crowdfunding since their Kickstarter launched back in March 2013 and it took just over a week to reach its goal. This proved there’s still demand for his developing talents and we’ll just have to forget Tabula Rasa ever happened.

Now be prepared for some excellent narration in true RPG cheese fashion.

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  • I would advise anyone interested in this game to check out the add-on store and pledge tiers before making any purchases. Decide if that is the type of game you would like to support.

    The developers have even stated they might be selling IN GAME CURRENCY for real life money.

    Ultima is dead..

  • ConscientiousObjector

    I have to comment on this. The above statement that the developers have said they might be selling in game currency is absolutely false and the people saying it, mostly all the same individuals, have been spamming any forum they can find with this nonsense. One can only wonder what the possible motive could be.

    The add-on store is for raising additional development funding since this is a crowd funded game. Every crowd funded game does it. SotA is no different from any other.

    I would advise anyone considering this game to read all you can find on it, watch all the vids and developer interviews, and make up your own mind.

    Speaking for myself, I am extremely pleased with how the game is coming along. It’s still in pre-alpha so a lot of planned features aren’t in the game yet, but a minimum pledge is about the same as buying a game, or a couple pizzas, or a night at the movies with a friend. This gives you access to the pre-alpha weekends and you can make your own determination.

    • “selling in game currency is absolutely false”
      Except for the part where Darkstarr (one of the leads) said in IRC “we may consider selling gold”, and Lord British saying “better us selling it than the chinese”. Aside from this, they refuse to take a stance on the issue.

      “One can only wonder what the possible motive could be”
      Suspicious much? This is my second time ever posting about SoTA. Could it possibly be that a lot of initial backers legitimately have the same problems with the game?

      “Every crowd funded game does it”
      Yes, but not in such an unethical way. These real life purchases lead to a lot of in game power right from the start. They say it’s purely cosmetic, BUT if you have a tax free house and lot that costs nothing (along with all the other bonuses you can sell), your resources can be diverted to other places like weapons and crafting giving a massive advantage. Having a house and lot in the game is supposed to be “rare and valuable” according to them. The fact that someone can drop thousands of dollars to achieve this before the game is even out is, to me, extremely shady and not what I thought I was getting into when I backed this game a year ago.

      Regardless, as I said above – yes, PLEASE do your research before supporting this game. Sadly, the SoTA forums are heavy moderated and any dissenting voices are silenced so please check out a variety of resources.

  • prospereau

    So…selling in game currency. Where to begin. Well firstly I don’t think anything definitive has been posted on this by the team at Portalarium so the jury is still out until we hear one way or the other. So what about selling gold in general? This has been happening in a number of fairly mainstream MMORPGs for a long time and providing it doesn’t excessively imbalance the game I don’t see the problem.

    Think about it this way, I have two assets I can put into a game…my time or my money (or both of course). Now for some people they can spend hours grinding for cash killing 100s of Goblins (or whatever the mob de jour happens to be) however if you’re a casual gamer then this may not be an avenue that’s open to you…You may have a life, kids, a demanding job but still want access to higher tier items that in the normal run of things you’d never be able to have simply due to your time restrictions. Purchasing gold allows the playing field to be leveled a little between power gamers and casual gamers. If you want to grind everything you’re still going to have an advantage over the gold buyer…you’ll have a better feel for the world, probably better access to items and probably be more skillful overall…what’s more you can feel suitably smug that you did it the hard way.

    As for the value of the pledges – Portalarium is trying to *crowdsource* an MMO…A task that could be akin to trying to hang glide in a thunderstorm wearing nothing but a mankini that’s three sizes too small whilst trying to land on a 10 dollar bill tied to the back of a badger who is tripping on speed. They’re doing a tremendously difficult thing and need to find new ways to encourage people to support the game. Those of us pledging understand that. We see it as an investment in an online community that could be tremendous fun. Now if you were to invest in a share scheme or a new product…wouldn’t you expect to see a benefit?

    So will the people who pledged early and extensively have an advantage? Damn skippy they will and do you know what…everyone who comes later paying a relative pittance to enjoy the game gets to do so because those early investors were willing to take (in some cases) a big chance.

    Crowd funded MMOs are a brave new world…we haven’t seen enough of them yet to know whether or not the model works. So before we all throw our hands in the air and proclaim that the demons of commercialism are raping our gaming experience…maybe we should wait and see how a couple of these games turn out.

    Darius Falc (A proud supporter of Portalarium)