Sim City launch not exactly going to plan

Sim City

We should have been down the bookies and placed bets that the Sim City launch was not going to be smooth, despite what Ocean Quigley told us on Friday.

When the game launched last night, Origin immediately started to struggle and gamers who had pre-0rdered through Origin couldn’t get their hands on the game. If you were lucky enough to get the game installed. EA’s servers decided not to let players connect with the heart warming message of “We are unable to connect to EA servers to activate SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition on this computer using your account. Please try again later”.

Origin’s Twitter account has been been pumping out messages saying “We are continuing to distribute SimCity as quickly as possible. You should receive your game within the next one and a half hours.” The time delay to download does seem to be reducing now according to the Twitter updates but there are a lot of unhappy folk at the moment.

The EA CM team has jumped in on the forums for anyone who is concerned or after a refund. A refund? Really? How impatient do you have to be?

Hey all, after going through this thread (and the many similar ones), let me first of all apologize to each and every one of you; as gamers ourselves, we absolutely appreciate how aggravating it is to sit there and not be able to play. So yes, we are very sorry for the delay, and I just hope that once you have started playing, you can enjoy the game itself its fullest, despite this experience!

Let me address a few more points for you all:

1.) Pre-Loads: We agree, pre-loads are very important, which is why we usually offer them (as we did for all of our last big releases like Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3). This didn’t come together for SimCity unfortunately, for which I again apologize.

2.) Communciation: As they have a far larger outreach than the forums, we tend to use our social media channels like facebook.com/origininsider and @OriginInsider (general news) as well as @OriginStatus (outage and maintenance news) to keep you up-to-date on any issues.

3.) Refunds: If you regrettably feel that we left you down, you can of course request a refund for your order at http://help.origin.com/contact-us , though we are currently still in the process of resolving this issue.

If you have any further questions, I will keep a close eye on this thread.

It’s problems like these that will discourage gamers from pre-ordering in the future, we saw exactly the same problems with Diablo 3 last year. Our advice, be patient and don’t always try and start playing as soon as an online only game launches, it’s just frustrating.


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  • A real dude

    Then what is the point of pre-ordering if you are not the first to play. Screw EA and Origin for screwing the gaming community. Steam could have handled this much better.

  • frank

    who cares about the pre-ordering, the real problem is having to be online!!

    I played for an hour only to find the server crashed and my city had lost everything.

    I’m officially asking for a refund.

    If they added OFFLINE play tommorow I’d keep the game.

  • exsimcityfan

    lol, everyone saw this coming (including EA/Maxis). they just really don’t care, since so many people will give them money anyways. They are just banking on the fact this will blow over until the next fiasco.

  • Salina

    Do launches ever go nearly as well as they are planned/hoped to go?

    I think the best policy is to wait a week until after release and save yourself the frustration.

  • UpsetME

    I think they are a bunch of idiots. You buy something and it doesn’t work, really? Imagine buying a new car just to find out that you could not use it for the first week. That’s how stupid this is.

  • Lame

    1. It took 48 hrs to sign on for the first time.
    2. Once on, I would be kicked every hour.
    3. There are long queues, only to be kicked shortly after getting in.
    4. Servers are down often, seemingly always.

    1. The tutorial was mildly fun.