Sim City

Sim City tops UK PC charts

As expected, Sim City tops the UK Pc game charts for week ending 9 March. It was a tough launch for EA but it’s not deterred gamers from rushing out to snag a copy of…

By: Paul Younger

UK Sim City launch goes smoothly

We were waiting for the hamsters to die on the Sim City servers here in Europe when it went live at midnight but thankfully it all went well. Logging in at midnight, a couple of…

By: Paul Younger

Sim City Servers patched

With the EU launch now less than 24 hours away, EA has patched the Sim City servers. The NA East 1/2, EU West 1/2 and Oceanic 1 servers are now all patched up. We are…

By: Paul Younger

Sim City Ocean Quigley Interview

Ahead of next week’s launch, earlier today we caught up with Maxis’ Creative Director Ocean Quigley to find out more about the game, its development, the future, the DRM debate, what to expect next week…

By: Paul Younger