Skate or die: Black Ops 2’s eclectic ‘Revolution’ DLC map mix comes to PC

Black Ops 2 revolution dlc

I don’t normally have too many words of praise when it comes to Call of Duty’s ability to innovate, but this Black Ops 2 ‘Revolution’ DLC pack looks like it has a few novel ideas. For one thing, there’s a map set in a skate park in Venice Beach (a place that isn’t actually in Venice.) As far as I know you can’t distract people by throwing skateboards at them, but you can attempt to take cover behind quarter-pipes.

Along with the skate park, there’s a Alpine ski resort with “a moving gondola system” (sure, why not?) and a hydro-electric plant based in Pakistan. Even the most boring sounding level (Mirage, based in China’s Gobi desert) has a sandstorm-ravaged building to play hide-and-go-die in.

‘Revolution’ also has a new zombie level (Die Rise) for fans of undead Black Ops 2. There’s a new mode too: ‘Turned,’ allowing people to play as zombies and eat the brains of their fellow players. As you do.

This DLC has been out on the Xbox 360 for a while now, but it’ll be available for PC players on 28 February as either a stand-alone purchase ($15 USD) or as part of one of those newfangled Season Pass dealies.

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  • People are getting locked out of xbox due to windows live issues and xbox is very slow to correct the problem this now going into day 4 that gamer tag Downrangedeer has been lock out due to there new dumb proofs/email rules. However the short time I had the map since Feb 1rst I will say they are great maps. I think out of them all Hydro has to be the best, with the skate park coming in second. Hopefully it’s not another five long days without CoD as I’m getting more frustrated by the hour with Microsoft/Xbox support….