Smart attack: Images from Derek’s latest, Line of Defense

Derek Smart’s latest project, the free-to-play online shooter Line of Defense, entered beta testing back in March; so if you’re interested in the title there’s a good chance you already know what it looks like.
If, however, you do not, here are some new screenshots. I shall now assess them for title-appropriate content:

These guns are in more of a triangle than a line, but they’re certain defending something.

Again, lacking a line formation, but these mechs are probably defending something too.

This guy is just falling through the sky, he’s in no shape to defend anything.

Looks more like this chap is just looking out from his porch than defending it to me.

Ok, yes, this fellow is probably defending this ship. But where are the lines? Must try harder.
If you missed the game’s trailer, you can watch it below. It may or may not feature more convincing lines defending things.

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