Sniper Elite V2 now lets you pay to shoot Hitler

Previously only available as a pre-order bonus, the ‘Assassinate the Führer’ mission for Sniper Elite V2 will soon be accessible to console owners (for a price). It’ll be released from 5 June through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, priced at 800 MS Points or £8.00 GBP.
If you’re a PC user who didn’t pre-order but still fancies getting hold of the mission? It seems like you’re out of luck, because 505 Games appears to have forgotten you exist. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t coming to the PC, just that it’s not mentioned at all in the press release.
In ‘Assassinate the Führer’, players must … well, you can probably figure it out from that name. You’ll only get one shot as Mr. Hitler makes his way between Berchtesgaden and Berlin, so do try not to miss.
The DLC also includes a couple of new guns; the “Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle SVT-40” and “the standard German service rifle Kar 98”.

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