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Speculation mounts over GTA V

Everyone loves a little speculation, especially when the gaming’s big guns are involved. Those big guns don’t get any bigger than Grand Theft Auto.
And so when Take-Two register new domains, such as and, we either take that as them attempting to expand the business in bizarre new directions or as possible new GTA businesses in the same vein as ‘TW@’ internet cafe and the Cluckin’ Bell fast-food outlets.
Further fuel has been added to the GTA V speculation fire by a one Mr. Declan Mulvey, a stunt-man that notes motion capture work for “Grand Theft Auto V” on his resume/CV. Said noting has now been removed with Mr. Mulvey telling CVG that it was merely a typing error, and that he’d meant to write Grand Theft Auto IV but had simply missed out the ‘I’ before the ‘V’.
Joystiq however, have gone one further by seeking out the stunt-man’s IMDB page and finding that there’s no mention of work on GTA IV listed on his page.  
Make of that what you will…


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