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Star Citizen talks peripherpals for the Dogfighting Module in new video

star citizen

My that’s a big one!

The Star Citizen Dogfighting Module is expected to be released some time next month but are you ready? Have you got the right peripherals to dominate your opponents? My trsuty Sidewinder will probably have to do for now but there is an Oculus Rift kicking about here at IncGamers so that could be a laugh for some extra motion sickness fun.

In a new video the Star Citizen development team take a look at some of the peripherals on the market that could give you the edge in a fight. Saitek were on hand to show one of their flightsticks which looks super complex and would be more than adequate for the job. As long it has a “make cup of tea” button I would be happy.

In a short segment they also talk system specs and graphics cards with the team who also share their own system specs. Chris Roberts also sounds excited at the thought of the Oculus Rift support, even if Facebook is now in the equation. Finally there’s a quick catch-up with The Next Great Starship teams.

It looks like it’s all go at RSI and with any luck we’ll be dogfighting in April.

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  • Paul Younger

    Might be time to upgrade from my incredibly old Sidewinder. I don’t think it’s going to cut it space these days based on that monster they’re using there.

  • Pete

    This looks to be a promising game

  • lazerbeak

    Stupid questions, I wont HAVE to buy a joystick will I?, is this game like flight simulator level of difficulty to play?

  • Six

    You will NOT need a flight Joystick such as a HOTAS setup to play this game, a mouse and keyboard will probably work better and offer more precision in a dogfight. Flight sticks are for fun factor and a more physical immersion.

    • Yes

      No, this is a proper flight game, not some arcadey mouse game like we’ve had nothing but in the past decade or so. You’ll be able to play with mouse and keyboard, but don’t count on them helping much. Joystick at least is the way to go.