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PC Invasion Podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #5

This week: More Batman: Arkham Knight, Star Citizen suffers SHOCKING delays, rats in Snake’s pockets, Battlezone, Ronin, and Vector Thrust.

By: Peter Parrish

star citizen fps star marine

Star Citizen’s FPS module Star Marine detailed

Cloud Imperium spill the beans with stacks of new Star Citizen FPS details and media. While we’ve been enjoying Arena Commander, Cloud Imperium has also been working away on what was once known as the…

By: Paul Younger

Star Citizen’s Arena Commander ships all free to fly this week

Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.3 released

Arena Commander gets a new patch with a load of fixes and balance tweaks. This 1.0.3 update doesn’t come with many new additions but there has been audio added for the Gladius, a new size 3…

By: Paul Younger

Star Citizen Xi’An Scout available – Shown in video and shots

Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.2 released

Another update lands for Star Citizen sorting numerous issues and adds a few things too. Before the weekend gets fully underway, Cloud Imperium has released the latest patch for Star Citizen’s Arena Commander taking it…

By: Paul Younger

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