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Starpoint Gemini 2 wants to show you some community features

starpoint gemini 2 (3)

Asteroids added on the request of the community. Maybe.

Little Green Men, the developers behind Starpoint Gemini 2, have released a new trailer showing all the new community suggestions that have been added to the game. It’s currently sat on Steam early access, so these extra features are all (at least in part) down to feedback given by players to the development team.

It’s a shame that the trailer employs a bit of a weird visual filter that stops you getting a properly good look at the third-person space combat, but the listed additions sound like positive ones. Things like a “quick target scan” and “energy redistribution” can only be good things, right?

See the latest bits and pieces Starpoint Gemini 2 has to offer in the video below. But you might have to squint a bit thanks to the aforementioned filter.

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  • sorudo

    this game (from looking at the trailer) makes me wonder who would ever buy this crap, standing practically still and targeting pretty much idle targets…….yawning understates the boredom.

  • BoroBoro

    Well, the game is actually quite more than is shown in this vid, playing it in Early access for over a week now (circa 35 hours atm), and is pretty polished considering it’s WIP. Bare in mind the game’s about capital ships management and tactics, not fighter-based, to each his/her own 🙂 Not to mention, MEffect mod is underway 😉

  • SirRolandQuintaine

    For Alpha, the game is very playable!

  • DarthVater

    Three months ago this game was another promising idea. Today, after more than a dozen updates it is turning into seriously spectacular experience. And the pace of development is what is really amazing! Can’t wait the final release