State of Decay: Breakdown crash bug may delay the PC release

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I’ll leave it to you to make up your own joke about Breakdown breaking down.

Update: It will release on time!

The IncGamers review of State of Decay: Breakdown, the sandbox DLC due for release tomorrow (29 November,) is currently on hold due to a pesky crashing bug. Basically, it can crash you back to the desktop between stages, making it rather tricky to try out some of the later difficulty levels. Impossible, even.

Undead Labs are aware of the problem and even have a fix, but since it’s Thanksgiving here in the US it’s not the easiest day to try to get through to the chaps at Steam and sort this out. As Undead Labs’ Sanya explains on their forums:

The problem is there’s a bit of Steam stuff we have to add to a build before we can push it live. That stuff appears to have changed very recently, and we don’t have the right…stuff. Sorry to be so vague, but I’m not very technical, and all I feel comfortable saying is that it’s something Steam requires before we can put anything up on their store.

Normally, this kind of problem would be a single phone call and done. However, today is a national holiday, and it’s not quite that simple.

As a result, there’s a possibility that the Breakdown DLC will be delayed a week on PC. That’s described as a “worst case scenario,” but could come to pass with not much time remaining before tomorrow’s scheduled release to roll out the fixed version.

You can read our review of the base game, here.

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  • Sanya

    We’re back on track đŸ™‚

    Sanya Weathers
    Director of Community
    Undead Labs

    • Gorkie Park

      And what does this actually mean? Your back on track meaning that it’s going to be a week until the PC version is released?

      • Tim McDonald

        No, it means that it’s back on track for release today. Going by Twitter, it’s due out in about half an hour.

  • Gorkie Park

    Oh well, mediocrity is the norm in today’s gaming industry. Personally, I cannot believe they couldn’t get the fix out before the release date. I’m sure the DLC will be a fine product when it’s finally released, but I think today developers are always pushing to release a product which has been not been tested, and you can see that Undead Labs has a serious problem hiring people who can test the game through before even making an announcement to release it. I guess developers do not read what other developers are up to, case in point, the disastrous release of X-Rebirth. Now that is the king of cockups, and sure fire way to stop any future support of a product. I guess UDL has not listened.

    • Peter Parrish

      The Undead Labs team identified and fixed the bug while keeping those who had PC review code updated ON THANKSGIVING. That’s actually pretty spectacular support.

      X Rebirth … yeah. Totally different story there.

  • Michael Fox

    Whatever,….the game is crashing all over the place,..i guess they didn’t actually address the problem at all.I have been having constant crashes regardless of what i attempt on my end to fix the problem.