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Steam Controller demonstrated in video with multiple games

What wizardry is this? PC games being played on a controller? Surely not! Yes, it’s PC games being demonstrated on Valve’s new Steam controller which was unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

We’re still a little sceptical about how well it can handle certain genres of PC games but Valve are keen to demonstrate that it can be used on just about anything without any problem. Portal 2, Civilization V, Counterstrike and Papers Please are played with the controller in the video.

The most interesting feature is the ability to have both track pads linked for mouse movement in games that predominantly use the mouse. What this means is that both pads are used to move the mouse across the screen. It sounds odd, but as you watch the Civ V segment you can see that moving the mouse with just the one track pad is a little more cumbersome and “sticky”.

Valve also say that the precision on FPS games means there’s no need for auto-aim, although it still looks nowhere near as good as a mouse and keyboard combo if you’re serious about playing shooters on your sofa.

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  • nasarius

    A lot of people have been talking about how this measures up for competitive play with something like DOTA2 or an FPS, which to my mind is kind of missing the point.

    More than anything, the ergonomics are going to make or break this. How comfortable is it to use for a couple hours? Assuming it’s at least a nice break from the mouse and keyboard, this will be ideal for turn-based games, and judging from the video, certainly good enough for most games that aren’t an extreme test of your precision mouse skills.

    It also seems quite a lot better than a laptop trackpad, which is the situation where I’d be interested in using one.

    • Dareka

      “A lot of people have been talking about how this measures up for competitive play with something like DOTA2 or an FPS, which to my mind is kind of missing the point.”

      EXACTLY! They baffled me so much. They already said it will never measure up the good old KBM so why bother using a controller for a fast paced online match. Valve have consistently said you can play with any kind of controllers so obviously your KBM will be your first choice for online matches.

      I’m interested in the Team controller because it offers something new to tryout. The XB1 controller won’t be making its way to the PC until MS says so while the PS4 controller will only have basic functionality(initially).

  • sorudo

    this is why the KBM is winning here, you can react allot faster and you don’t have to let go of your mouse to slide further.
    when you look closely during portal 2, he needs to slide 2 times to get a 180 degree turn, with a mouse it takes a movement half the size and with space to spare. (i can even do around 5 complete turns with one swoop)
    the whole reason why i loathe the controller so much, any controller, is because it isn’t as accurate as a mouse and take just minutes to get the hang of, controllers tend to such away time because you need to practice accuracy so much.

    • Dongers, Raisin

      One could easily increase the trackpad sensitivity to have quicker turns. The trackpad is of a high enough resolution that it would still be accurate.

      • sorudo

        but you still end up with a pad that is exactly like a normal controller, it’s stil less accurate.
        also, the faster you make it move, the smaller your movements need to be in order to be accurate, that still gives the mouse an edge because the speed you’re used to is the speed you also use on your OS by default.

        • Rushster

          I agree, a pad is a pad, the precision on hand movements will never be quite as good as KBM,

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Maybe I can play D3 on my PC with that Steam Controller :), but fighting games I always seem to be hexed with the knackered right part of the d-pad :(.
    Shooter and other RPG wise, I’ll probably prefer KBM even though my friend uses both for FFXIV.