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Steam Machine Controller and Portal 2 in action in these videos

Steam Machine Controller and Portal 2 in action in these videos

It’s nice to see the Steambox and the Steam Machine Controller finally out in the wild (see earlier unboxing videos) and today there’s some more footage worth checking out.

Corey Neslon has been getting stuck into the new hardware and controller as fast as possible and posted a couple of videos demonstrating the new controller.

The second video shows the Steam Machine actually up and running with the Steam interface and Portal 2 in action. As Corey points out, right now he can only select from his library of Linux games but he also shows the rest of his Windows steam library in the Steam interface.

The controller does look great but I’m still not sure why you would ever use a controller over a mouse and keyboard. Ah the living room! Yes! I almost forgot. that’s off limits for traditional controlling methods.

So what do you think of it so far?

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  • sorudo

    i looked closely to how he turned on the controller and it looks kinda slow and uncontrolled, i lately barely use the X360 but the controller of the X360 is much faster.
    still, it doesn’t beat the KBM, not in a million years.