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Steam now allows you to cancel pre-orders. Too little too late?

Steam is notorious for giving you little control over purchases and refunds but it looks like they’ve taken a step in the right direction by giving users the ability to cancel pre-orders without any Valve intervention.

Spotted by Steam users, there is now a link by your pre-order transactions list to receive a refund.

Steam Refund

While it’s at least a positive move, has it arrive too late to matter?

Pre-0rders are now becoming less important to PC gamers, unless it comes with some free extras or bonus DLC that’s a must-have. This new option on Steam looks to be solving a problem that is no longer urgent or that important to Steam users.

More games  are now using the Early Access system to allow gamers to effectively “pre-order” and play a game right a way. Due to the nature of Early Access funding the development that’s still in progress and gamers aware (we hope) that the game is in no way finished, a refund option is likely never to appear for anything in Early Access.

What ever happened to demos? They did actually serve a purpose and a few developers on Steam still release them. Why not bring back the good old game demo before a game’s released?

Actually that won’t happen. A demo may just reveal a game’s flaws and then nobody would buy it. It would have stopped Aliens Colonial Marines selling any copies though which would have been a good thing for everyone.

Thanks Valvetime


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  1. That’s nice, but yeah, it’s always been possible via customer support.

    By the way, Steam In-Home Streaming just entered public beta and it’s quite good. To the extent that I started playing Spelunky for the first time and forgot it was streaming, except for one little hiccup in 30 minutes. And that’s on not-so-great WiFi.

    • avatar Peter Parrish | January 25, 2014 at 6:39 am |

      Excellent, I’ve been sat in that Home Streaming group for a while hoping for an invite. I’ll be investigating this!

  2. Bring back playable demos. Of course there needs to be absolute confidence in the finished product to release a playable demo just prior to final release.

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