Steam Summer Sale Day 8: The IncGamers Picks

Steam sale day 8

We’re only at Day 8, but already we’re starting to see quite a few repeat deals cropping up. That’s not such a terrible thing if you missed them the first time around, of course. But for Steam sale veterans it’s perhaps a touch on the disappointing side. If you can’t afford to spend the time watching Steam’s store 24/7, you may want to hop in on one of the returning offers.

  • XCOM is back at $10.00 USD. It’s a rather good “reimagining” of the old Enemy Unknown game, with just as much trauma involved when your named soldiers get killed (possibly by going nuts and shooting each other.)
  • For all your European truck simulation needs, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is hauling itself around at $10.00 USD as well. Honestly, there are probably worse ways to spend time than driving around virtual roads catching up on podcasts through the in-game radio station.
  • I found The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing to be a reassuringly decent aRPG, so $7.50 USD is rather good. Especially as it’s so new.
  • I’ve heard of people doing wonderful, terrible things with the Source tools in Garry’s Mod. That’s $2.50 USD today.
  • If you hate yourself, you can pick up Not The War Z (now called Infestation: Survivor Stories) for $3.75 USD. But don’t. It’s not even funny to gift this in a Bad Rats kind of way.

Binding of Issac is $1.25 USD in the current Flash sales. That is ridiculously cheap. Resident Evil 6 is half off ($20.00 USD) and honestly wasn’t 100% terrible on PC. Make sure you have someone to co-op with though.

Just like always, the cream of yesterday’s deal crop is back for another round today. So buy Dark Souls already.

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  • Tim McDonald

    Well, it’s nice that The War Z is now only ripping people off for £2.74. I mean, it’s still ripping people off, but at least it’s not for £20 anymore.

    I’m somewhat heartened that it’s currently not in Steam’s top sellers list.

    • Tim McDonald

      Er, that was meant to be £10, not £20. (Although it’s actually £11.)

  • nasarius

    Honestly, it’s a bit weird that The-Game-Formerly-Known-As-The-War-Z has been on Steam’s front page so often ever since it was reinstated. Valve obviously has editorial control over what appears there, and it’s kinda unfortunate that they’ve continued to promote the game despite its quality.

    I’m strongly in favor of nearly every game being allowed on Steam, but that’s not the same thing as choosing to feature a game prominently in front of so many customers.

    Anyway, Torchlight II is well worth the $5. I enjoy a nice mindless ARPG while listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and Diablo 3 has become pretty stale.