Stop the screams, says Epic’s Perry

Epic’s Lee Perry has used a Montreal International Game Summit ‘micro-talk’ to urge fellow developers into ending their love affair with the Wilhelm Scream. For those who don’t know, that’s the stock-audio scream which turns up everywhere, from films to videogames.
Whether developers are using it through cheapness, ignorance or simply as knowing reference, Perry wants them to cut it out.
“Quit it,” Perry told the audience of industry professionals. “If I can stop one of you from putting it your game, this is worth it.”
“It’s ancient” he added, “Your mom’ jokes are older than this … [it’s] the worst inside joke ever”.
Persist Music composer Tom Salta (From Dust, Halo Anniversary) had a different bugbear to address during his own talk; the Inception-esque cruise ship blast. “If I hear that again in another trailer or game trailer, I’m going to rip someone’s throat out,” he said, presenting it as an example of the industry’s painful aversion to taking risks.
Along similar lines, Relic’s Raphael van Lierop lamented the over-reliance on videogame sequels (citing Uncharted 3, Resistence 3 and Killzone 3 as recent examples) and expressed frustration that “all decisions are about money, money, money”.
Source: gamasutra.com
Image taken from Distant Drums (1951), the first use of the Wilhelm Scream

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