Syndicate eyes the future with launch trailer

EA is so keen to have the Syndicate launch underway, that they’re releasing corresponding trailers early in an attempt to hurry the clock along. It won’t work EA, I’m sorry. Syndicate will still be launching next week on 21 February (US) and 24 February (EU).
Anyhow, this video gives a neat overview of events in the game (business is a rough career, EuroCorp is a bit on the morally dubious side, solve all of your problems by shooting people), and also lets the recently-announced voice cast do a bit of vocalising.
On that note, there’s a certain line that won’t do anything to quell the tide of “this game seems a lot like Deus Ex: Human Revolution” (even though Syndicate was in production before that title was released). And hey, more Human Revolution-style games is a good thing, surely?
Syndiacte is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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