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Legend of Korra screenshots are lacking in Pabu

Listen Activision, I’m impressed you commissioned Platinum to make a downloadable Legend of Korra game, but where are the screenshots with Pabu in them? It’s no good just sending out images of some Pro Bending…

By: Peter Parrish

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets a few new shots

It’s people shooting things in a few new screens for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . The reveals are over. Now that the mutiplayer trailer, feature details and the  campaign trailer have been released we have…

By: Paul Younger

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer aims to be Kingpin

Yes, that’s a horrible headline, but it gets across that there’s a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it introduces The Kingpin. Who looks less “giant and menacing” and more “old and wobbly”…

By: Tim McDonald

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