Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

You can’t stay here. You know you can’t stay here. A sound outside the door, echoing down the spacecraft’s hallways, tells you it’s time to move. But you’re trapped. Frozen by indecision and fear, legs…

By: Peter Parrish

Aliens: Colonial Marines Tops UK Charts

Despite plenty of negative reviews so far, SEGA’s Aliens Colonial Marines has topped the UK PC charts for week ending 16 February proving that a game based on a movie franchise still carries a lot…

By: Paul Younger

Aliens Colonial Marines DX10 mod improves visuals

Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t quite pan out the way many expected it too but thankfully the community has decided that the game is worth improving in the visuals department with the release of a mod. THX555…

By: Paul Younger