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Defense Grid 2 out now, with PvP and co-op

Defense Grid 2, the sequel to my favourite tower defence game, is now out – and there’s a launch trailer to prove it. Yes, I know that barely constitutes proof because launch trailers routinely come…

By: Tim McDonald

Defense Grid 2 video talks command shuttles

The Defense Grid 2 videos are starting to talk about some genuinely new and exciting stuff, like this video about the command shuttle. The command shuttle is something that’s popped down on every single map,…

By: Tim McDonald

Defense Grid 2 video talks area-of-effect towers

The series of Defense Grid 2 videos continues with a discussion of how best to employ area-of-effect towers. Defense Grid 2 features three such things – the Inferno tower, the Concussion tower, and the Meteor…

By: Tim McDonald