Defiance expands into Silicon Valley for free

A free Defiance update has expanded its world into Silicon Valley. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture into Silicon Valley to battle the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light. Other than…

By: Tim McDonald

Defiance Arkbreaker DLC 2 coming December

TRION are persevering with their TV tie-in MMO Defiance and today announced that the  next piece of content that Ark hunters will hopefully enjoy is arriving in December. Called Arkbreaker, information on what it actually…

By: Paul Younger

TRION shuts down San Diego studio

Earlier today TRION appointed Scott Hartsman as the new CEO and this evening TRION has confirmed they are shutting down their San Diego studio which includes teams working on Defiance and End of Nations. Development…

By: Paul Younger

Defying payment: Defiance free trial for 72 hours

We’re not exactly massive fans of TRION’s MMOFPS Defiance but some people enjoy dashing around San Francisco killing giant bugs. If you’ve not tried the game then there’s a great opportunity this weekend to try…

By: Paul Younger

Recruit a friend comes late to Defiance

It’s come quite late in the day this promotion, but better late than never I suppose. Trion has announced their Defiance recruit a friend campaign to bring more players to the MMOFPS. Bringing new players…

By: Paul Younger

Shake the disease: Defiance gets plague-ridden

Zombies eh? Where would videogame developers be without them? Having to think up original ideas and stuff. That’d be a nightmare for them. The latest game to hop on-board the zombie train is Defiance, Trion’s…

By: Peter Parrish

Defiance Review

TRION and the Syfy channel had a vision. Imagine a TV show that would run in tandem with a game, where each would influence the other in terms of content and story. A great idea;…

By: Paul Younger

Layoffs hit TRION and the Defiance team

It’s time for another round of layoffs at developer TRION who issued a statement this evening following rumours that surfaced on IGN. With Defiance now out the door and RIFT about to go free to…

By: Paul Younger

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