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Dota 2 servers fall over, community trolled again

Oh that wacky Valve. Not content with upsetting the community the other week by not releasing Diretide and then taking a full week to explain what was going on, they’ve gone and upset everyone again….

By: Tim McDonald

Dota 2’s Three Spirits update now live

Just a quick public service announcement to say that Dota 2 is currently downloading 769MB from Steam, which I strongly suspect means that today’s promised Three Spirits update – adding Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, and…

By: Tim McDonald


Dota 2 community responds to the lack of Diretide

Update 8/11/2013: Valve have finally let the community know what’s going on with Diretide. As you may have noticed, Diretide – the Dota 2 Halloween event – has not happened this year. Instead, we got…

By: Tim McDonald

Valve succesfully trolls Dota 2 community over Diretide

Update 8/11/2013: Valve have told the community what’s going on with Diretide. Update 3/11/2013: Community responds to Diretide  Valve seems to have a general corporate policy of not actually talking to the community or letting…

By: Tim McDonald