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Life is Strange is out now, which is strange

The first part of DONTNOD’s Square Enix-published episodic adventure, Life is Strange, is apparently out now. This is quite strange. Don’t get me wrong – it was due out on 30 January (today), but normally…

By: Tim McDonald

Dontnod’s Vampyr officially announced with trailer

Vampyr sweeps back its cape, revealing a DONTNOD RPG

Publisher Focus Home Interactive held a trade event for its games in France today (or, yesterday now, probably,) which included the reveal of a new DONTNOD-developed action RPG called Vampyr. Here’s the PR team Dead…

By: Peter Parrish

Life is Strange, says this first trailer

Life is Strange, says this first trailer

This is the part of the news story where I invite readers to recall that Dontnod’s last game was called Remember Me and then … well you can all finish this joke.┬áRemember Me certainly interested…

By: Peter Parrish

Remember Me’s new trailer orders a combo to go [Video]

Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom have released another slice of gameplay footage from the memory-mashingRemember Me. This time, we get to see heroine Nilin (a former “elite memory hunter”) doing a spot of combo-creation in an…

By: Peter Parrish