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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Port Impressions

Final Fantasy XIII‘s PC port was one of the most catastrophically awful things I’ve had the mixed pleasure of writing about. Without even talking about the game itself, there were huge, huge issues with… well,…

By: Tim McDonald

Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets a PC-specific trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has got a trailer just for the PC port, although you’ll be hard-pressed to notice too many differences. The trailer itself is at 720p (which seems like a bit of a missed…

By: Tim McDonald

Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PC will actually manage 1080p

Square Enix may be learning from their poorly received PC port of Final Fantasy XIII, because Final Fantasy XIII-2 will at least come with 1080p support. The press release actually says “customisable rendering resolution (720,…

By: Peter Parrish