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HAWKEN now free to play on Steam for everyone

A couple of weeks ago the robot stomping shooter HAWKEN moved over Steam after shutting down the game’s original client. In that time players who had accounts were being slowly but surely moved on to…

By: Paul Younger

HAWKEN moves to Steam to pick up more players

There’s a big change in the world of HAWKEN as Meteor Entertainment realise that most PC gamers are using Steam these days. From now on if anyone wants to play HAWKEN they’re going to have to…

By: Paul Younger

HAWKEN Reaper update now live

The latest HAWKEN update is now live bringing a new mech to the multiplayer shooter. The new Reaper is a light mech for close quarter combat and sniping and also comes with an “exclusive ability”…

By: Paul Younger

HAWKEN open beta is now live

HAWKEN didn’t quite make a final release this month following a delay but the open beta is now live for budding shooter and mech gamers. Feedback from HAWKEN closed beta and alpha testers has been…

By: Paul Younger

Second HAWKEN closed Beta test this week

Meteor are to kick off the second closed Beta test for their mech-stomping action title HAWKEN this week from 8 November. The event will run from 8 to 13 November and if you already have closed…

By: Paul Younger

First HAWKEN closed Beta dates announced

Adhesive Games are gearing up to launch the closed Beta test for their free to pay FPS mech title HAWKEN which has gone down rather well with Alpha testers over the past few months. The…

By: Paul Younger

Hawken gets Oculus Rift Support

The latst game to get the Oculus VR treatment is the upcoming online action Mech title Hawken by Adhesive Games. Speaking to Forbes about the VR device which launches this December, Mark Long, CEO of Meteor…

By: Paul Younger