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Smite gets a patch notes video for Season 2

Season 2 of godly MOBA Smite is coming up, which means a whole host of changes. I’m not going to go over every single bit of the patch notes because there are lots of them,…

By: Tim McDonald

SMITE’s newest god is a bit Nox-ious

A new video has revealed Nox, Goddess of the Night, the latest playable deity to join the SMITE ranks. As you might expect, Nox’s abilities are all about PRIMAL DARKNESS – and also birds, for…

By: Tim McDonald

Kumbhakarna kumb-ing to Smite

Hi-Rez Studios have revealed the next god coming to Smite: Kumbhakarna, the Sleeping Giant. He fits in with the rest of the roster by having a name that’s impossible to spell without concentrating. As his…

By: Tim McDonald

Why you should play Smite

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent slightly more time than I’m comfortable admitting playing Smite, Hi-Rez Studio’s new MOBA/third-person shooter hybrid. Being that I’m actually enjoying myself a whole lot, I figured I…

By: Tim McDonald

Smite launches alongside cinematic teaser trailer

Hi-Rez Studios’ god-centric third-person shooter/MOBA hybrid Smite has finally launched, and in celebration, there’s a cinematic teaser trailer showing off a few of the gods. Smite pits teams of deities – pulled from a variety of…

By: Tim McDonald

SMITE gets new Arena mode

Hi-Rez studios has announced the addition of a new arena mode for their MOBA title SMITE. The new Arena Mode comes with a new map and features 5 v 5 gameplay, with each team earning…

By: Paul Younger