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Prison Architect Alpha 29 out, full version this year

Prison Architect Alpha 29 has been released for good behaviour, alongside news that the game will be “finished” in 2015. Yes, that’s right – finished! Out of Early Access! Done! Version 1.0! Blimey. While Introversion…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect alpha 26 is a bug bash

Prison Architect‘s alpha 26 has been released, and it’s all about bugs. Unfortunately, that’s not bugs in terms of insects infesting your prison if it’s unclean, or something. These are bugs in the sense of…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect alpha 24 adds mods, uncovers snitches

Psst: I’ve heard on the down-low that Introversion have added snitches to Prison Architect, and made mods more powerful. Keep it quiet, though, yeah? Snitches – or “confidential informants”, if you want to be fancy…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect alpha 22 is all about bashing bugs

The latest Prison Architect alpha is out, and this time, it’s all about cracking down on bugs. That’s not to say this alpha is about prison hygiene or hiring exterminators: it’s about the programmers knuckling…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect Alpha 20 adds fail-states

Prison Architect alpha 20 is out and it adds in prison grading, reoffending rates, and fail-states. Introversion apparently wanted to do something big for version 20, and that big thing is that you can now…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect Alpha 18 offers reform programmes

I still haven’t played much Prison Architect, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the lengthy videos released every time an alpha update comes out. It’s nice to see a game being iteratively designed like this. Speaking of…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect Alpha 15 adds mod support

Introversion Software have released the latest alpha for upcoming imprison-’em-up Prison Architect, and this one adds mod support. That’s not quite all, though. There are a swathe of optimisation improvements that Introversion reckon should “massively…

By: Tim McDonald

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