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Tropico 5 patched, gets new sandbox maps

Dictate-’em-up Tropico 5 has been patched up to version 1.03, bringing with it a few bug fixes and some new content. Said new content is a trio of new sandbox maps – Isla de Tucan,…

By: Tim McDonald

Tropico 5 gets a short gameplay trailer

Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games have released a short gameplay trailer, showing off the sorts of things you’ll be seeing in Tropico 5. This particular minute-and-a-half trailer shows the island evolving over the course of…

By: Tim McDonald

Tropico 5 beta applications open

Kalypso has opened up best test applications for forthcoming tyrant simulator Tropico 5. You can apply for the March beta right now, with Kalypso seeking “gamers who have a huge enthusiasm for city-building titles and…

By: Tim McDonald

Omerta: The Japanese Incentive offers a brand new campaign

An add-on for Kalypso’s criminal empire builder Omerta: City of Gangsters, titled The Japanese Incentive, has been released for the princely sum of £14.99. The Japanese Incentive offers a brand new campaign featuring Irish mobsters,…

By: Tim McDonald

Humble Weekly Sale takes you to Tropico

Another week, another Humble Weekly Sale, and this one’s brought to you by those chaps and chap-esses at Kalypso. $1 will net you dictatorial city-builder Tropico 3: Steam Special Edition, side-on shmup Sine Mora, aerial…

By: Tim McDonald

Viva El Presidente: Tropico 5 announced for 2014

Viva El Presidente and his legendarily long life! Tropico’s communications man Penultimo has told us that Haemimont Studios and Kalypso Media have announced Tropico 5, due to hit our PCs sometime in 2014. Tropico 5‘s…

By: Tim McDonald