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Knock-Knock creeps onto Steam, new trailer confuses

Last week, after spending a few hours with Ice-Pick Lodge’s Knock-Knock, I wrote possibly the most confused preview I’ve ever written. I think I described it – and Ice-Pick Lodge’s games in general – as…

By: Tim McDonald

Knock-Knock Preview

I don’t know how Ice-Pick Lodge do it, but they have this phenomenal ability to make games that nobody else on Earth could make. Games like Pathologic, and The Void, and Cargo! The Quest for…

By: Tim McDonald

Your chance to Kickstart some Ice-Pick Lodge oddness

The wonderful minds at Russian developers Ice-Pick Lodge (Pathologic, The Void and Cargo!) are turning to Kickstarter in an effort to raise $30,000 USD for a short, disturbing title called Knock-knock. You’ll play as a…

By: Peter Parrish