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Divinity: Original Sin dated

On the anniversary of its Kickstarter success, Divinity: Original Sin gets a release date and a new trailer. That release date is 20 June. Divinity: Original Sin is an old-school CRPG set long before the…

By: Tim McDonald

Divinity: Dragon Commander Review

The PC is being inundated with tantalising ‘world map’ strategy games at the moment. Civilization V’s Brave New World expansion came out a short while back, Europa Universalis IV arrives next week and Total War:…

By: Peter Parrish

Pay What You Want arrives on GoG with Divinity

Larian Studios’ classic RPG series Divinity is the first bundle to appear under the new “Pay What You Want” model on GoG. The premise is simple, you pay as little or as much as you…

By: Paul Younger

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