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League of Legends patch 5.4 notes and Bard revealed

A couple League of Legends updates including a new mystical trampy sounding Champion called Bard. Described by RIOT as a “celestial vagabond”, the Bard is a mysterious fellow who maintains the cosmic equilibrium of Runeterra. He’s a…

By: Paul Younger

League of Legends patch 4.19 notes arrive

The latest notes from the League of Legends team have landed as the 2014 season winds down. These notes are not packed full of Champion changes but there are a few to note. RIOT appear to…

By: Paul Younger

A Dota 2 player tries League of Legends

Let’s get one thing straight: I haven’t given up on Dota 2. In terms of MOBAs, I still identify as a Dota 2 player. It’s just become a little overfamiliar and a little frustrating (please…

By: Tim McDonald

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