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Is GODUS now doomed? What Molyneux really thinks

Backers aren’t exactly happy with 22Cans’ handling of GODUS so Molyneux steps up and addresses the community (parody video included). For full disclosure purposes I am a backer of GODUS from Kickstarter (I know, I…

By: Paul Younger

Peter Molyneux will return with The Trail

Exciting, if not particularly enlightening, moly-news today as Peter Molyneux reportedly announces a new game project. According to games and technology reporter man Guy Cocker, the mighty Molyneux revealed that his next game will be…

By: Peter Parrish

Godus Preview

Godus is a game that pretty much everyone of a certain age will have been watching. On the one hand: oh dear, it’s Peter Molyneux and his trail of broken dreams. On the other hand:…

By: Tim McDonald

Molyneux Magic: The Games of Molyjam 2013

The second Peter Molyneux-inspired game jam event took place last weekend and, as expected, generated a wealth of magnificent PC titles to explore. Too many, in fact, for us to look at all of them….

By: Peter Parrish

Prototype sighted in latest Project Godus video

It sounded a little hairbrained when Peter Molyneux announced earlier in the week that he fancied releasing a working prototype for Project Godus in time for Christmas; but the latest update video for the game…

By: Peter Parrish

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