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News Bites – 8 October

Street Fighter V cross-platform play beta test dated, Rift expands today, Black Ops 3 Cyberpowers on show, Broforce gets a release date, and more…

By: Paul Younger

RIFT update 3.4 goes Into the Wilds

TRION has launched what they are calling their “largest update” to the MMO Rift since the game launched. This new content features an all-new calling – the Primalist – and opens up an entirely new zone…

By: Paul Younger

TRION’s MMO Rift now released Steam

TRION’s MMO Rift has now landed on Steam for the first time and it’s long overdue following the game going free to play a few months back. TRION has not exactly been having a great…

By: Paul Younger

TRION shuts down San Diego studio

Earlier today TRION appointed Scott Hartsman as the new CEO and this evening TRION has confirmed they are shutting down their San Diego studio which includes teams working on Defiance and End of Nations. Development…

By: Paul Younger

Scott Hartsman returns to TRION as CEO

Earlier this year Scott Hartsman left TRION much the surprise of the MMO community. Harstman had done a superb job bringing TRION’s MMO RIFT to the masses with one of the smoothest MMO launches ever….

By: Paul Younger

Layoffs hit TRION and the Defiance team

It’s time for another round of layoffs at developer TRION who issued a statement this evening following rumours that surfaced on IGN. With Defiance now out the door and RIFT about to go free to…

By: Paul Younger

TRION’s MMO RIFT goes free to play

TRION has decided to join the free to play MMO club with RIFT, a move that has proved successful for MMOs such Star Wars: The Old Republic which has seen increased revenue since a free…

By: Paul Younger

RIFT layoffs at TRION

Having just released the first full expansion for RIFT, developers working on the MMO have been let go by TRION. According to Gamasutra, around 40 members of the development team have laid off. A statement…

By: Paul Younger

RIFT: Storm Legion open Beta starts 2 November

Following on from the closed beta weekends, TRION will be launching an open Beta for their MMO expansion from 10AM PDT on 2 November. The beta test is pretty short and will shut down on 5…

By: Paul Younger

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