Sim City

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Mega Towers explained

The SimCity expansion Cities of Tomorrow may be pricey but what exactly do you get for your money? A new developer blog explains one of the new features, the Mega Towers. Maxis are reluctant to…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity Interview with Maxis’ Kip Katsarelis

I think everyone will agree that SimCity’s launch was less than perfect and since the game was released all kinds of issues and bugs have surfaced. We caught up with Maxis Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity traffic improvements now live in 1.7 patch

Maxis has finally released the 1.7 patch for SimCity which includes the traffic improvements. when the game launched one of the main problems was the routing of traffic around the cities which was causing huge…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity Review

Before I get this review underway,  I need to have a super-quick recap of the SimCity launch. On Tuesday 5th March the game launched in the US. When the clock struck midnight the server fell…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity v1.6.1 update brings back achievements

I’m pretty sure we have been playing on some sort of weird SimCity server as achievements have always been on, as has Cheetah mode. For those who’ve had lots of things disabled, tonight’s update is…

By: Paul Younger

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