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Two new Space Hulks released for Space Hulk

Full Control have released two new five-level campaigns – Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour – for their adaptation of the board game Space Hulk. Each campaign offers a new mechanic. Sword of Halcyon pits…

By: Tim McDonald

Space Hulk Messenger of Purgatory campaign available

A new three mission campaign for Space Hulk from Full Control has been released today along with a new v1.2 patch. The campaign is completely free and players will have to retrieve the remains of the fallen Captain…

By: Paul Younger

Space Hulk developer Q&A video answers fan questions

Full Control are currently developing the videogame version of Space Hulk and today they released their first video Q&A which answers questions from community. Discussed is single player/multiplayer, dice roll visibility, expansions and more. It’s…

By: Paul Younger

First Space Hulk screens show gloomy corridors

Announced back in December, Space Hulk is back on gamer’s screens and today the first screenshots from the game show exactly how the game is trying to capture the essence of the board game with…

By: Paul Younger

Turn-based Space Hulk game announced by Games Workshop

Genestealers are the best, obviously. Sure, you can ponce about as the Space Marines if you like, but those roided-up super soldiers have nothing on the not-at-all-like-the-aliens-from-Alien ‘stealers. Err … sorry, I’m talking about Space…

By: Peter Parrish