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The PC Gaming Consoles of CES 2015

Hardware manufacturers are showing off their new PC gaming and entertainment offerings for the living room, but are they worth it? With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) now in full swing, there’s an abundance…

By: Paul Younger

iBuyPower reveal their Steam box prototype

It looks like a console but this is in fact a third-party Steam box prototype from iBuyPower which is set to launch next year. The system will run Steam OS and it’s touting performance of 1080p…

By: Paul Younger

Valve and Xi3 reveal a “Steam Box”

Xi3 has unveiled a grapefruit sized “Steam box” at CES which is specifically designed for those looking for something a lot smaller than a standard gaming PC. The Xi3 will also support Steam and it’s…

By: Paul Younger