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Layoffs Hit Funcom

It’s bad news for Funcom today as it has been confirmed that staff have been let go. Funcom’s falling  stock price and lower sales than they expected of their recently launched MMORPG The Secret World are…

By: Paul Younger

The Secret World Issue #1: Unleashed goes live

Ahead of the free weekend which kicks off on Friday, Funcom has now released the first major content update for The Secret World since launch. Called “Unleashed”, the update brings new investigative missions, the marketplace…

By: Paul Younger

The Secret World Issue #1 Details

Funcom has relased ful details of the first content update for the recently launched MMO The Secret World. This first update will bring new missons, new nightmare mode dungeons. the cross dimensional marketplace and more….

By: Paul Younger

The Secret World Review

The biggest problem with reviewing an MMO is that, within three days, it’s entirely possible that most of the issues I note will have been fixed. A lot of this text may be utterly irrelevant in under…

By: Tim McDonald

Updates to The Secret World set to be “regular, monthly”

Ragnar Tornquist, director of newly released MMO The Secret World (and something of a videogame icon), has penned a lengthy post at the game’s official forums outlining what’s coming up for subscribers. Updates, according to Tornquist, will be “regular,…

By: Paul Younger

The Secret World Beta Weekend 3 Key Giveaway

IncGamers has teamed-up with Funcom and EA to bring you Beta keys for this weekend’s The Secret World Beta test which adds new content  including the Dragon and Illuminati starter zone experience, the  Hell Rising Dungeon,  and…

By: Paul Younger

The Secret World Beta #3 starts 15 June

Funcom will be kicking off the third beta weekend for their upcoming MMO The Secret World on 15 June at 9AM PDT. This Beta test, which will include the Hell Rising dungeon, finishes  on 17…

By: Paul Younger

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