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Titanfall Review

Regular readers will know from my launch impressions piece that this review was meant to be a joint work between the three of us. Then Peter didn’t get a copy, probably because he committed a…

By: Tim McDonald

Titanfall – Launch Impressions

After the shambles that was Battlefield 4, it’s perfectly understandable that you might want to wait for some launch impressions before diving into EA’s next multiplayer shooter. Battlefield 4 was full of graphical and sound…

By: Tim McDonald

GeForce 335.23 Titanfall WHQL Drivers drop for release

Nvidia has released what they are calling the GeForce 335.23 Titanfall WHQL Drivers. These new drivers have been whipped up to give “optimum performance and stability” and are said to be an “essential upgrade” for any…

By: Paul Younger

Titanfall pre-loading and unlock times

There’s one title everyone us talking about this week and it’s about to launch. It is of course Respawn’s Titanfall. So when exactly will you be able to stomp around an leap across rooftops? The…

By: Paul Younger

Titanfall launch trailer drops in one week early

I was moaning yesterday that a good chunk of the Titanfall advertising is neglecting to mention the PC version, but I can’t level that complaint at this ‘launch’ trailer because right there at the end…

By: Peter Parrish

Titanfall is complete and gone gold

It’s not long now until Titanfall arrives and today Respawn announced that the game has been completed and gone gold. We're gold!!!!!! #titanfall http://t.co/wnaBNIVBa8 — Respawn (@Respawn) February 27, 2014 When the game launched on…

By: Paul Younger

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