Take-Two has “nothing to announce now” about GTA V PC

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I’ll take one … copy of GTA V on PC, please.

After a limp no-show for the supposed GTA V PC pre-orders last Friday, today’s Take-Two Q3 earnings report and call brought nothing new for those hoping for a PC release. The publisher took a question about GTA V making the jump to PC and said they had “nothing to announce now” about any of that business. It was, however, remarked that GTA IV was a “very strong” PC title. Hmm.

As you’d imagine, Take-Two were rather pleased at how GTA V has worked out for them on the consoles, declaring that it shifted 32.5 million copies.

But we’re not a console site, so enough about that. On the 2K development side of things, the company says the Borderlands 2 series is now the in-house developer’s highest selling series. 8.5 million copies of that have been picked up by players to date.

There isn’t a great deal on the near horizon from Take-Two, unless you happen to like “Complete Editions” of games or bundle packs. Part Two of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea is still lacking a release date. Here’s what the publisher has coming up this year:

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  • peter

    Come on R!
    We are more than anxious for this game.
    You sell 30 millons of copies from consoles. That is enough. Release the PC version!

    “But we’re not a console site”, well said INC gamers.

  • juancho

    Very sad about this silence. Hope announce this month!

  • Lazerbeak

    They will release it they just like cock teasing

  • DavidTheSlayer

    You would have thought everyone would have a copy of their top selling games by now, so why re-release bundles when the discounts were during Christmas and New Year? What is there Sale’s dept thinking?

  • BlaBlaBla?

    Don’t release for PC until 2020 xDDDDDD

  • Markomts

    Guys of INC Gamers, check this twitter account: https://twitter.com/ElKingpin? (@ElKingpin)
    His name is John R Diaz and is a rockstar Video Game Designer. He is giving clues about the PC version.

    Check this answer that he gaves to a fan: http://i.imgur.com/zJ4OKSi.jpg

  • ssd1000

    GTA 4 PC came out 7 months after the console version. GTA 5 console came out around 9/1/13. That should put us right around a release date of April 1st. Hmmm.