Test your AMD Mantle – Oxide Games Star Swarm Benchmark on Steam

amd mantle


I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed the AMD Mantle videos featuring Oxide Games benchmark demo Star Swarm which was being used to demonstrate the power of AMD’s Mantle API.

As promised the Star Aearm benchmark demo has been released to the general public and it’s available now on Steam.

This is a real time demo of Oxide’s Nitrous Engine where twp AI fleets go head to head in a mega space battle. This has been released to demonstrate what Oxide think is the “future of gaming” with thousands of objects all on-screen with their own physics, AI and pathfinding.

It’s worth noting that testers may get different results each time this is run because the AI is being calculated in real time.

Sadly my lowly Nvidia card won’t be able to test this out but if you have an AMD card slotted in your PC then you should give this a shot. Let us know how you get on if you’ve taken this for a spin.

Here’s the sort of goodies you’ll spot when running the test.

  • Up to 10,000+ units onscreen at once – Imagine what kind of games can be made when developers can count on simulating battles and scenes at this scale
  • First look at AMD’s Mantle technology – See the performance benefits of AMD’s new API layer for yourself if you have compatible (Graphics Core Next-based) hardware
  • Benchmark mode generates performance information – Since Star Swarm is a dynamic simulation rather than a canned demo, run it several times to see what Nitrous’ real-world gaming performance is on your machine
  • Film-style rendering – Nitrous uses Object Space Lighting, which renders objects onscreen using the same techniques used by the film industry, including real-time film quality motion blur, on your PC

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  • Peter Parrish

    Still waiting for AMD to release the 14.1 Catalyst drivers so I can actually try this with Mantle.

  • sorudo

    21.25 average FPS and that with a 770 2GB vram vid card, have a stronger vid card test this and it blows AMD out of the water.

  • campdude

    I have not seen any AMD benchmarks of Nvidia benchmarks. Other than your say.

    • campdude

      typo of/or

  • Razvan Dinculescu

    AMD FX 8350 4GHz, 32 GB RAM, Radeon 7950 HD 3 GB RAM

    Directx : 20.12 FPS average
    Mantle: 43.26 FPS average

    The results speak for themselves…

  • well

    I got the same results as you but with an i5 2500k and a 7870XT…Interesting. Looks like there is no need to upgrade my cpu yet, AMD is doing great stuff now.

  • Iceburg Lettuce

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B45 Processor (Althon II x3 445 with core unlocked)
    with 2Gb Radeon XFX 7870LE (Tahiti)

    Direct X: Average FPS: 15.81
    Mantle: Average FPS: 33.67

  • Lazerbeak

    do coders have to write extra code for games to utilise mantle ?

  • carlos

    , 75.34 avg fps on a 7970 crossfire and i7 3770k , nice how with mantle previous gen gpu beats a current gen gpu, looks like AMD is staying in the water