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The Arma 3 beta features lovingly demoed in new video

The Arma 3 beta launched this week and if you checked out our recent IncGamers plays video then you’ll know we’re certainly no experts. If you want to see what new content and features have been added to the beta then we’d better hand this over to the experts at Bohemia.

A new official beta , which has been created by community member Andrew Gluck, demonstrates the content including the new faction, vehicles, weapons, scenarios and challenges.

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  • CG

    God I want this game. New vehicles, equipment modularity, amphibious and fog assaults, new host of prones and stances, and awesome modding support (i really want that map mod they showed, gives a very authentic feel.)

    Almost makes me regret DayZ Mod being a Standalone, because now I’ll have to buy two games : P.